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Hire Equipment lines of air-cooled or water-cooled chiller rentals give an extensive variety of advantageous, powerful water-cooling choices. These units can be stretched out with rental air handlers for HVAC applications.

Power Mechanical stocks a vast amount of rental cooling gear to give dependable, quick and simple to utilize answers for clients in need. Our rental HVAC armada is separately arranged for applications from 10 tons to 5,000 tons

Likewise accessible is Hire Equipment line of low temperature process chiller rentals. These have a particular structure, can fit unending size necessities, and can be built to explicit process applications. Accessible in both water and air-cooled adaptations, these chiller rentals are equipped for acquiring temperatures as low as – 40°F.

With superior, vitality productive chillers accessible in cooling limits from 5kW to 1202kW, our extensive armada of contract chillers provides food for all business and modern applications, from little units up to multi-megawatt bundles.

We offer turn-key arrangements, dealing with all parts of contract chiller organization, establishment and dispatching. What’s more, with our every minute of every day bolster, you have the confirmation that cooling plant will keep on working easily and productively.

Regardless of whether you require a contract chiller to enlarge existing cooling, or give brief or crisis cooling following a breakdown, our proficient counsels will help you consistently.




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