new portacabin in dubai

New Portacabin in Dubai

HirEquipments provides refurbished portacabins, used portacabins, and new portacabin in Dubai UAE. If you attempting to buy any quiet caravan, portacabin you may call us at +971 56 921 3754. We will provide you with one of the only prices ever.

We’re specialists in the trade of new movable cabins and offer three different types depending on your conditions.

our cabins are the traditional style of cost-effective movable cabin. With cabin surface cladding they’re also veritably low conservation.

For spots with defined access choose the Flat Pack cabin range. These units can be joined side by side or end on end) to produce a larger workspace.

For a more robust and secure cabin, the sword anti-defacer cabins with sword shutters and double door cinches are idealfluently piled they’re inversely well suited to use on construction spots or as a secure office for use where theft or vandalization is a threat.




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